Photography is the magic of freezing time. It gives permanence to a tiny bit of spacetime and allows us to relive impressions long gone.

It satisfies, albeit only fragmentary, our craving for permanence and helps us retain moments of beauty, of greatness, of tension - moments of relevance.

But photography captures only minuscule bubbles of physical spacetime. What about the endless pictures of dreams, scenes from reverees, of structures seen only in imagination? These impressions, themselves much more fleeting than the scenes from physical reality, seem to have no biographer save the artistic hand of a painter.

But if we risk a foray into the border territory of photography and the digital world, we will be embarking on a journey down the convoluted ways of pixels, well outside the confines of reality. Virtual photography is the result of such trips into the shadowy world of potential existence, bringing its scenes to manifestation: scenes bathed in unexpected colors, abstract forms in motion, flowing gyres...

For some time now, I am exploring the potential of virtual photography and its power to transcend physical reality. The presented work is a selection of these artistic expeditions.

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